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Word Finder

Are you are among the persons who love to interact with new words daily? If yes, then word finder is the tool designed specifically for you. New words add new meanings to your life. In this context, you have to find a source for these new words. Word Finder provides you this platform.

What is Word Finder?

It is a word finder tool through which one can find any pattern of diction with any sequence of input credentials. One can also refer to it as an unscramble words finder.

The above definition left ambiguity? In other words, more straightforward than the above aphoristically explained concept could be: Word Finder is the online web-based tool through which any of us can find already existing words by putting any scrambled sequence and various conditions.

Divergent Dimensional Usage:

Developers have designed this tool by keeping the usage factor in topmost priority. By virtue of this factor, it possesses scattered domain use and, therefore, can be used by users for different operations.

Portray of uncommon words:

Most of us use selected and limited vocabulary in our writings and speech. In this context, this tool can generate or bring out the words that are uncommon to global exposure. When assigned with any random sequence of letters, all the possible results will be shown you to you with mostly the ones which are one step ahead from layman’s diction. In other words, it allows you to find words containing letters of your desire.

Lengthy input with wildcard support:

What this tool offers you best is lengthy input credentials up to up to 15 letters of your choice. Likewise, you can add wildcards (marks of interrogation “?” or “space”) to make your search more useful for the words that best match your needs. It will act as a random word picker by keeping input data upfront.

The facility of multiple advanced input features:

Want to choose from a heap of filters?

Human nature is selective. He pays great attention to where there are a lot of choices available. One has designed Word Finder to facilitate humans in the context of words dealing, provides search with a bundle of filters. One can set the:

  • World limit
  • Starting and ending letter
  • The pattern of characters in desired words
  • Containment of any letter as a priority word

Many more features to come in this regard over time.

Choice of database/dictionary

Besides filters enlisted above, the primary offering that adds value to user satisfaction and particularization is the choice of database or dictionary. Word Finder is the connection to large dictionaries like Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends. One can add any of these dictionaries in this search filter by keeping the factor of relevancy in mind. Moreover, it also supports the simultaneous use of all these dictionaries in any complex input credential scenario. Furthermore, you can choose any collection of letters and find words with these letters in them.


Furthermore, Word Finder comes with 2 in 1 operation. On the one hand, it will provide you access to services like unscrambling, descrambling, and anagramming. Therefore, it is known as anagram word finder. Similarly, on the other side of the coin, you will be able to find words with the input of the initial and final letter by choosing your desire dictionary or database. Its dual nature allows it to act as both, Random word generator and Anagram solver.

How Word Finder Works?

After diverse domain usage of Word Finder, you might be thinking about how it works.

Here it is:

This useful, multidimensional, and quick answer generating tool works on the mechanism of rearrangement and inputting simultaneously. On one aspect, by using the input principle, it portrays all the results that could be possible for any set of joint letters by rearranging them in accordance with the approved dictionary or database. If we go with simpler syntax, it allows you to find words with letters of your choice. Moreover, it shows the possibility of different words by the number of words as well based on the rearrangement principle. You can get the rearranged meaningful sequence of a maximum of 15 words. Most commonly, the audience uses it as a seven-letter word finder. In simpler syntax, when we provide this tool with letters with the arbitrary arrangement, the results it portrays for us will be divided into categories of different letter possibilities like two words, three words, and so on.

How can you use this tool?

Word Finder has made user-friendly by its layout and separate portions. You will find every column with guiding titles. All you have to do is to put the data you want to process for results in allocated columns or portions. Similarly, you can use the filters given just below the main search bar under the heading “Advanced Filters.” These filters help you to obtain more refined search results than without their involvement. Likewise, you can operate its dual nature from the same platform of the search index. By your choice, you can use it as a word generator or Anagram solver.


Quantitative Uplift

First and Foremost, You can improve your arithmetic abilities by regularly interacting with this tool. It provides your quantitative and numbering intelligence the feed to grow upon and prosper.

Intelligence Assessment:

Moreover, this tool is best for judging your visual arrangement reflex. Finding rearranged words on this tool that you previously explored by using your mind will help you to assess your mental capability.

Diction and Spelling Improvement:

Wants to see a better version of you?

When your exposure becomes more significant to words, there are bright chances that you can adopt them in your active vocabulary. On the other hand, a similar aspect goes to spellings. By enough interactions with words, you one can get gear up in his spell ability.

In short, your written grip or command over language will get boosted by the virtue o diction and spelling betterment.


Besides using this tool for educational and learning purposes, entertainment is another significant aspect to where one can extend its application. One can create games from this tool, such as anagrammed words with friends. These games linked to an arithmetic portion of intelligence and provide excellent learning entertainment. Moreover, one can also use this tool as a word finder cheat.

Children Learning

From an Educational and Learning perspective, a child can learn and practice the art of fleet management and dealing with numerical or alphabetic rearrangements. Similarly, this tool engages the child in leaning with the outer shape of gaming and entertainment.

Boost in Creative intelligence

Furthermore, this tool helps you to build and polish your creativity. Being a word generator, it portrays words of different domains and dimensions. By the regular usage of this tool, you will be in a good position to predict possible words better than before.

Moreover, one can get immense benefit in uplifting his creative writing through the usage of differently generated words in his piece of art. It can be made more challenging by using the words in the same sequence in which this tool generates them.


Summarizing, one can use this tool as a random words finder and generator. Its vast areal usage and diverse applications make it a worthy online web-based tool among various others.

Similarly, it is the best tool to provide you with an anagram, puzzles, and scrabble solutions. Moreover, creations of scrabbling word games, going for cheat in anagrams, and most importantly, creation or generation of personal anagrams are the best offerings of this web-based and application-based tool. It is also known as a jumble word finder